patchwatcher and changes to [was: re: ntdll/file: Add sub-second resolution to NtQueryInformationFile]

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Aug 19 14:07:24 CDT 2008

Kai wrote:
>> >> Btw, how does patchwatcher handle that?
>> > Not at all.
>Whoops, I just realized this came across rather rude

Nah, that was fine.  (Although "it doesn't yet" might have been

> I'm currently trying to get the basic features of the
> patchwatcher to work in buildbot and know how hard this stuff is.

I was totally jazzed when I saw you were doing that.  Good luck!

> I'm actually glad for you pioneering in this area, allowing me to
> steal^Wuse ideas for integration into buildbot.

Yeah, I hope it's a useful prototype for you.
My gut feeling is that it might be a while before you catch up,
but I hope I'm wrong.
I'd love to see you pass me before I have to add support
for distributed build slaves to patchwatcher!
- Dan

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