Summer of code evaluations

Owen Rudge owen at
Wed Aug 20 08:24:02 CDT 2008

Hi all,

> I would like to request from the mentors to fill in the final evaluation
> form and from the students to give a final write up: What went well? Did
> you meet the goals you set? Did you have fun? Is there anything we can
> do to make wines summer of code better and do you feel like you've
> become part of the wine community?

I'd say my project has gone quite well. I've completed the main objectives 
of my project, including fixing the shell namespace implementation of 
Control Panel, improving the built-in control panel, and working on some new 
control panels to improve Wine's configuration options (Add/Remove Programs, 
plus a new Desktop control panel that I'm just tidying up ready to submit 
this week). While I will have university-related things to carry on with in 
September, I'm not intending to disappear completely - I'm hoping to split 
off and tidy up the multimedia settings in winecfg to its own control panel, 
too, and then tidy up winecfg a bit, making it more logical by restricting 
it to panels that are specific to Wine itself. So hopefully you'll still see 
me around a bit. :-)

Overall, I rather enjoyed Summer of Code, and learnt a lot about how to go 
about getting things done in an open source environment. Thanks to all, 
particularly my mentor Juan, for help and support along the way!


Owen Rudge 

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