kernel32: Tiny improvement to the GetVolumePathNameW stub (try 4)

Michael Karcher wine at
Thu Aug 21 16:35:10 CDT 2008

Am Donnerstag, den 21.08.2008, 13:26 -0500 schrieb James Hawkins:
> Also, you're copying 4 bytes of filename into volumepathname.  I don't
> think you understand what lstrcpyn does.  Imagine this case:
> volumepathname = "aaaaaaaa"
> buflen = 8
> filename = "C:\\file"
> After the call to lstrcpyn:
> volumepathname = "C:\\faaaa"

No, sorry. This is not a C language issue, like Louis Lenders flamed
you, but a Win32 API issue. Still he is right in this case, because
lstrcpyn is *not* like strncpy. lstrcpyn does, according to MSDN,
perfectly the right thing here. There is even an example on the MSDN
page, stating that
puts "abc" into dest.

  Michael Karcher

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