Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Aug 21 19:01:52 CDT 2008

Louis wrote:
> Hi, apparently none of my patches is making it into git, nor did i recieve any response from Alexandre about what's wrong with them. I guess i'm kind of "blacklisted"

I don't think so.  LOTS of people, me included, have trouble getting
patches into git.  You just have to have patience, try
to figure out what needs improving, and keep at it.

Michael Karcher already gave you some good feedback:
I don't think you've followed up on that yet.

And when in doubt, it never hurts to rediff and clean up your patch
series and resend.
Maintainers like Alexandre often get overwhelmed by
incoming email.  Linus Torvalds even said that he
simply deletes his inbox when it gets too full,
and that people who are serious about wanting their
patches in will resend.   This is probably true of Alexandre,
especially after he gets back from a two week vacation,
as he just did.

- Dan

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