ddraw_test crashes on windows xp sp3 (blue screen)

Alexander Dorofeyev alexd4 at inbox.lv
Sun Aug 24 07:01:01 CDT 2008

Rico Schüller wrote:
> Hi,
> the attached patch solves a hard crash on my ati mobility 9600/9700 
> card. The code behind the c style comments let the application crash. 
> The code between /* */ crash the hole system. Probably there have to be 
> another check for supported cards/extensions.

This is a broken driver. Try to report to ati. There is a bugzilla entry for this:


As for fixing this in Wine, the only device flag that i know to be relevant in 
that case (cubemap support) is already checked. Even if it wasn't, what 
CreateSurface normally does in response to trying to do something that is 
unsupported is returning an error. Crashing the system absolutely isn't a legit 
response in any case. I guess anything else than DDSCAPS2_CUBEMAP_ALLFACES hits 
some bug in the driver. It does not seem to occur on nvidia cards.

Crashing on ati cards is bad, of course, as it is quite widespread. So if ati is 
not responsive on this issue, maybe we need to get rid of the test. Or somehow 
skip in on ati cards.

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