New steam survey statistics?

Scott Ritchie scott at
Mon Aug 25 15:12:24 CDT 2008

Yeah, it would not surprise me if Wine users are much less likely to
follow the survey for whatever reason.

Scott Ritchie

Alfred Reynolds wrote:
> We recently switched our survey system from a monolithic bi-yearly
> survey to a monthly rolling survey with a subset of the userbase each
> month, so we can get a continuous view of changes in hardware amongst
> our users.
> We have 2 months of good data to date, Wine usage has increased from
> 0.33 to 0.36% over that month, but given the small number of Wine
> responses any increase would be in the margins of error. So Wine usage
> looks steady since last year amongst the Steam usebase as a whole.
> As always the Steam Survey is an opt-in system so usual reporting biases
> could apply.
> - Alfred
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>> Evil Jay wrote:
>>> I too would be interested in seeing the numbers, but I'm not sure
>> you're
>>> going to see the correlation you expect, Scott.
>>> While Linux adoption may have grown, Valve has probably been selling
>>> just as many, if not more games to customers who already owned
>> Windows
>>> but had never used Steam.
>> A priori, I don't think there's any reason to expect a decrease in
>> Wine's steam marketshare unless there's something that's made it
>> relatively worse compared with a Windows install.  The release of
>> BioShock over steam, for instance, was such a reason since it didn't
>> work on Wine, but that happened before the previous survey.  New video
>> cards not having (good) Linux drivers would be a similar reason, but
> as
>> I understand it the newer video cards have better Linux drivers these
>> days than the old ones.
>> On the other hand, we've seen some serious relative improvements to
>> Wine
>> - Wine 1.0, Crossover Games, new distro releases, increased Linux
>> desktop marketshare.  Maybe 1% is too high, but I'm certainly not
>> expecting a decrease.
>> Thanks,
>> Scott Ritchie

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