advapi32:service failing tests

Paul Vriens at
Wed Aug 27 00:42:45 CDT 2008

James Hawkins wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Tests you added in the following commit cause failures in NT4, 2000,
> and Vista.  Can you have a look please?
> commit 0539b463e65b386f4aa4c4235bf83d7f1d003e48
> Author: Paul Vriens < at>
> Date:   Thu Aug 21 16:14:45 2008 +0200
>     advapi32/tests: Add tests for EnumServicesStatusA.
> Thanks,
> James Hawkins

Yep, it's on my todo list. It's also Vista that (always) shows errors.

I'm not sure the tests I'm doing will always be a 100% correct as it relies on 
started/stopped services and drivers and that could change over the lifetime of 
the tests.

The tests succeed on my test boxes but timing is definitely an issue so it seems.



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