lsb package for wine thoughts

Paul Millar paul.millar at
Thu Aug 28 07:57:29 CDT 2008

Hi Dan,

Some clarification...

On Wednesday 27 August 2008 23:51:02 Dan Kegel wrote:
> A few issues to consider [...]
>b) gnu tls is gpl...  Does wine currently link against any GPL (as opposed
>to LGPL) libraries?

I believe the situation is slightly more complex.  From memory, the core part 
of GNU TLS is LGPL (as are the underlying GNU libraries that TLS depends on) 
but the OpenSSL compatibility layer is GPL. 

So, if one uses TLS as a drop-in replacement for OpenSSL, the resulting code 
is GPLed, but if wine links against the TLS's API then I believe LGPL 
(instead of GPL) applies.



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