A pat on the back for Wine community

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Aug 29 21:46:42 CDT 2008

http://www.anthonycargile.com/blog/?p=95 is a
blog post that makes it sound like we've hit
the promised land already:

--- snip ---
In addition to multisim 8, I have also successfully installed
Microsoft Office 2003 (for the proprietary features not present in
OpenOffice required by some classes, mainly wizards), Visio 2003, and
Autodesk Maya PLE 8. Some programs I have had installed for a while
which run fine are Project 64 Beta, Morrowind (PC game), Macromedia
Flash 8, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, IDA Pro, and Quicken Premier 2008.

After looking back on all of these Windows programs successfully
running on a non-windows platform (Ubuntu Linux, in this case), I have
to personally congradulate the Wine team for their efforts on
providing the Windows compatability layer for Linux, and the
winetricks script author for further enhancing that ability with
Microsoft CoreFonts, .net, and registry key installers.

Linux-Windows compatability has really gotten to the point now where a
Windows Operating system is almost not even necessary in a Virtual
Machine, thanks to Wine, OpenOffice.org, Mono, and the native Linux
enhancements for usability in general. These effort have really made
the permanent switch much easier than it would have been in 2005 or
2006, since back then one would get in all kinds of trouble for
ditching Windows for something else, even in an environment where a
Macintosh is somewhat accepted.

But now, I can freely roam with native Ubuntu running, since all of my
hardware on my 2007 laptop works, and all required programs needed can
also run with no problems.
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