netapi32: Why my patch is ignored?

Vitaly Perov vitperov at
Mon Dec 1 09:39:11 CST 2008

What is wrong with my patch?

I have fixed all errors found by Juan Lang.
I resent this patch several times, but hasn't received any answer.

Why my patch is ignored?

Maybe something is still wrong, but why somebody just tell me about it?

"Juan Lang" <juan.lang at> wrote:
>Hi Vitaliy, overall your patch looks pretty good.  A few minor points:
>+    FIXME("(%s %d %p) partially implemented\n",
>debugstr_w(servername), level, buf);
>Because you add a more specific FIXME for every unimplemented path, it
>seems to me this would be better as a TRACE.
>+    result = RegCreateKeyExA(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, regKey, 0, NULL, 0, 
>+                NULL, &hKey, &disposition);
>+    if (result != ERROR_SUCCESS)
>+    {
>+        FIXME("Unable to open/create key 'HKLM\\%s'\n", regKey);
>+        return result;
>This shouldn't be a FIXME, as there's nothing to "fix" in the code:
>if the key couldn't be created, there's a setup problem or some other
>unrecoverable error.  A TRACE is fine.

>+    /* FIXME: A duplicate patch checking should be implemented here */
>Do you mean a duplicate path?

Best wishes,
Vitaly Perov
Russia, Saint-Petersburg.
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