mshtml: suppress module unloading while gecko is loaded

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Dec 1 09:52:05 CST 2008

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 12:08 AM, Paul Bryan Roberts
<pbronline-wine at> wrote:
> In mshtml, I count 7 dll reference count inc/dec pairs, including the server
> lock pair, in main.c, htmldoc.c and protocol.c   I count 28 pairs of
> InterlockedDecrement / InterlockedIncrement calls around the creation /
> destruction of active objects throughout the dll.  That would seem to imply
> 22 missing reference count inc/dec pairs.

I suspect Alexandre didn't commit my lame patch because he wants us to
have a go at getting CanDLLUnloadNow right.  Thanks for the analysis.

> If I finish my script, it will report how many pairs are missing for which
> dlls and in which source files

That sounds quite handy.

> which might help make a decision whether the
> take up Mike Hearn's suggestion of never unloading anything.  Even that
> should involve work taking out the reference counts that are already there.

I have a feeling we're not quite in the "memory is free" era yet...

> I do not see how the classic WinAPI regression tests can catch this kind of
> bug other than being a tautologous test of the creation/destruction all the
> known active objects.  If Mike Hearn's suggestion is not taken up, the
> script might also be useful for regression test purposes.

Your script is doing static analysis ... maybe it should be integrated into
Making it a smatch rule might be easier than writing it from scratch.
- Dan

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