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Paul Millar paul at
Mon Dec 1 17:30:24 CST 2008

On Saturday 29 November 2008 15:40:33 Paul Vriens wrote:
> This also means that Paul Millars winetest is no longer available.

Yup, this is true.  After providing winetest.exe for (I think) a little over 4 
years, quisquiliae is falling silent and WineHQ is picking up the baton for 

> I'd like to thank Paul for all the hard work he did with keeping up that
> site and providing us for years with a cross compiled version of winetest. I
> also like to thank the people that provided the necessary MinGW patches in
> the past to get that winetest compiled again.

I'd like to add my vote of thanks to the people who have helped out behind the 
scenes, providing useful suggestions or sending in patches for MinGW so we 
can keep winetest.exe rolling out the door (in alphabetical order)

	Alexandre Julliard,
	John Klehm,
 	Kevin Koltzau,
	Saulius Krasuckas,
	Stefan Leichter,
	Hans Leidekker,
	Mike McCormack,
	Juan Melgarejo,
	Detlef Riekenberg,
	Sebastian Schauenburg,
	Brian Vincent,
and	Paul Vriens.

(and anyone else I've inadvertently forgotten)

My thanks to you all!



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