Coverity Telco coming up

Paul Vriens at
Tue Dec 2 15:27:01 CST 2008

Marcus Meissner wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 02, 2008 at 06:58:37PM +0100, Kai Blin wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Coverity is hosting a telco tomorrow about some new technology they're going 
>> to roll out to projects. I'm planning to attend, and would like to bring up 
>> any issues we're currently having in the Q&A session.
>> Issues I'm currently seeing with our Coverity experience:
>> - Adding new developers to the access list is painfully slow
>> - Builds are pretty outdated (They seem to be working on this)
>> Anything else?
> - rung1.html page is still outdated.
> - More regular Builds (not just every 2 months or so) would be helpful
> - Notification Mail(s) and/or RSS feed when new builds appear.
> Ciao, Marcus
Well actually:

For projects that have never had regular builds, we have a new solution to
get rung 1 projects updated builds as often as you want them.

We are launching a new program that allows you to submit new builds for
analysis as often as you want. Please read for more information, and send an
email to scan-admin at if you wish to sign up.

Doesn't help in updating the rung1.html page though ;)



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