Wine64 hello world app runs!

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Fri Dec 5 14:57:51 CST 2008

Hi guys,

I can finally report success on the first ever win64 program running on 
wine. The program was a textbook classic, but to make it work gcc had to 
be changed a lot. This was done by Kai Tietz, who has put a lot of 
effort in the task of making gcc accept the calling convention.

There are still a lot of things which should be done before this will be 
able to get into mainline though.

My repository is at , but in order 
to actually get it working you need gcc checked out from subversion with 
some experimental patches. They are expected to get merged soon, so 
until then it is not recommended to even try. :)

There are a bunch of things in my tree which are not merged with 
mainline. A few of them are hacks (disabling SEGV handling for example).

There are also some changes which should be accepted, but still need 
some work. For example wineserver, AJ wants something with regards to fd 
handling, but I didn't find him clear on what exactly. va_list also is 
incompatible, and should be replaced with ms_va_list where appropiate.

Once again, thanks to Kai Tietz for making this possible.


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