d3d9 : do not proceed reset or release from another thread than the one which created the device.

Jérôme Gardou jerome.gardou at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 08:34:27 CST 2008

Henri Verbeet a écrit :
> 2008/12/6 Jérôme Gardou <jerome.gardou at gmail.com>:
>> According to d3d9_private.h , ref is a LONG.
> ref is not defined in d3d9_private.h.
Taken from d3d9_private.h :

typedef struct IDirect3DDevice9Impl
    /* IUnknown fields */
    const IDirect3DDevice9ExVtbl   *lpVtbl;
    LONG                          ref;

That's why the compiler did not complained... But release actually 
returns a ULONG, and the IUnknown ref is an ULONG anyway...
I guess this should be changed for consistency.

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