WineHQ redesign

Jeremy Newman jnewman at
Mon Dec 8 13:42:30 CST 2008

This is because of the "font-size: medium". IE Renders medium text much 
larger than Gecko and Webkit. I prefer to use "font-size: 12px;", but 
that disables IEs ability to change the text size via the page drop down.

I will revert back to my method as this gives me the fine grain control 
over font size that I desire.


Branan Riley wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 9:57 AM, Jeremy Newman <jnewman at> wrote:
>> I have posted a working copy of the new website here:
>> -Newman
> I've got lots of vertical space, but the page is using short white
> boxes with scrollbars. This is IE7 on Windows Vista. Looks like there
> a few layout issues with IE, actually:
> * Google box is below the search label, overlapping releases box
> * Releases box isn't tall enough to show both releases. (intentional?)
> * Text for buttons along top is much larger than the button boxes
>  I'd expect many people looking to switch to Linux might be looking at
> how well Wine works before doing so, so having good IE support is
> important. (I never thought I'd advocate fixing a page to work with
> broken IE *sighs*)
> screenshot:
> -Branan

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