RE: Одговор: Regression in 'Environment Bump Mapping' test (3DMark2001SE) with wine-1.1.10

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Tue Dec 9 17:21:00 CST 2008

> >  Henry, with this patch 'Environment Bump Mapping' test is looking
> good, but
> > 'fixme:d3d_shader:register_for_arg Unknown source argument 255' is
> > still there - continous in many cases, not just in 3DMark2001SE... Is
> > this fixme useless, when this works?
> >
> Stefan has a fix for that.
Milan, the arguments that the FIXME warns about are all unused. Known unused arguments are marked with a special value(ARG_UNUSED) to suppress this fixme. A code elsewhere incorrectly sets a different value accidentally, so the FIXME isn't suppressed properly. It is harmless though. The value is indeed unknown, but it isn't used anywhere either.

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