oleaut32: added PICTYPE_NONE and PICTYPE_UNINITIALIZED to IPicture::Render with test

Michael Karcher wine at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Wed Dec 10 05:15:43 CST 2008

Am Mittwoch, den 10.12.2008, 13:31 +0300 schrieb Nikolay Sivov:
> >>     - remove some tabs from testfile
> > Please don't change formatting, especially with an incorrect tab size.
> Ok, but I'm using 4 spaces tab size. Is it wrong?

Tab size in wine source code is defined to be 8. Your patch was mixing
tabbed lines with space-indented lines. This causes the code to look
wrong at the standard tab size.

As a rule of thumb: You should indent you new code with the same
character sequence (spaces/tabs) as the code of the function that
already is there. Your newest iteration still is not OK. The indentation
of the tests in the main test list at the end is (although this is not
nice) partly indented with tabs, partly indented with 8 spaces. You add
a line indented with 4 spaces.

In the Wine project, whitespace cleanup patches (replacing tabs by
spaces or the other way around) to lines that do not get other changes
are generally frowned upon and usually reject, so don't feel requested
to fix the tab-n-space mix in the test list as well. Just choose one of
the correct variants, that is 8 spaces or one tab.

  Michael Karcher

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