RFC: Wine Icons

Hervÿffffe9 Chanal chanal_herve at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 10 14:43:29 CST 2008

> On Friday 14 November 2008 19:13:32 Juan Lang wrote:
> > > I find that a bit alarming. I'm sure he's working very hard, and doing
> > > good stuff, but I don't think Wine should be redrawing anything. Not
> > > when we have Tango around - it's designed to try create some consistency
> > > through standardisation. IMO standards are really good! - we use them if
> > > we possibly can.
> >
> > The trouble is that the Tango icon set doesn't cover all the icons
> > Wine needs.  There's no Tango icon for regedit, for instance.
> IIRC there's Tango icon sets for specific applications. If we're doing our own 
> icons anyway, we could try to keep them coherent with the rest of the Tango 
> look and get the icons upstream to Tango.
> This seems like the most reasonable approach. Of course the only things I 
> usually paint are walls so I'd have no idea how easy it is to match the Tango 
> specs when designing icons.
> Cheers,
> Kai

First of all, sorry to not have answered before and for my poor English, but I was quite busy 
these past months and I didn't see all these messages since today. I realize that the two patch I 
sent an hour ago are not the best answer to all these issues (I think these two newer icons
look nicer in the open dialog boxes anyway) and that all theses points have to be discussed.

When remaking icons, I tried to add a bit of consistency while improving a bit the icons.
Obviously, I missed something. Reading all theses remarks, I agree that a better way to handle 
these icons are to use the Tango ones when they are available. As it was stated, including them
is not straightforward and I haven't the skill to work on including these libraries into the wine 
tree. I hope somebody will work on these issues. In the meanwhile, maybe I'll try to improve the
others shell32 icons as the bin or the computer which I found awful in this size but I don't know 
if it's a good idea.



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