[2/4] WineD3D: Set up the shaders when delaying fixed func applying

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Thu Dec 11 06:39:06 CST 2008

Don't apply this patch, it has a bug and will cause a compile error

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> Subject: [2/4] WineD3D: Set up the shaders when delaying fixed func
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> I skipped the original 2/5 patch because I found a last minute bug in
> it. It should not affect the other patches though.
> Just fyi, this is my roadmap for cleaning up the fog mess this patch is
> related to:
> 1) Get rid of the GL_EXT_fog_coord-is-not-supported fallback and fake
> the GL extension
> 2) Remove the different pixel shader fog start and end optimization(and
> probably reintroduce it in a cleaner way once the state_fog function is
> sane)
> 3) Separate the current fog state block into
> fogenable+fogvertexmode+fogtablemode and fogstart-fogend
> 4) Move the separated fog states into the fragment pipeline(since GLSL
> and ARBfp override fog)
> 5) Put the fog mode into the ps_compile_args structure to generate
> shaders that can disable fog properly and support exponential fog
> 6) Find some way to deal with glFogi(GL_FOG_COORDINATE_SOURCE_EXT, ...).
> That part still belongs into the vertex pipe I think.
> 7) the optimization removed in (2) is only needed for GLSL. We can
> easilly reintroduce it once we have a full GLSL pipeline because then
> the fog start and end stays independent of the pixel shader.

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