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Markus Hitter mah at
Fri Dec 12 20:16:13 CST 2008

Am 13.12.2008 um 01:12 schrieb Ben Klein:

> But I have to ask, what exactly is this system going to
> replace?
> Current equivalent method is:
> 1) Try your app with Wine
> 2) If it doesn't work, check appdb for Wine version compatibility
> 3) Follow any instructions on the appdb page, such as reg
> settings/hacks, DLL overrides, specific Wine versions
> 4) If it works, yay for you
> This proposal of packages for proprietary Windows software follows
> these steps, then adds a step 5) Create a package based on what you've
> found that automates step 3. I argue that a more correct way to deal
> with this is education of newbies.

As far as I followed the discussion, you'd replace 1) to 3). The one  
simple rule you'd have to teach people is "Before installing Windows  
software, install the appropriate compatibility package".  
Alternatively, if you want to have something like a default Wine  
package, teach them: "If your app doesn't work, look for a  
compatibility package".

IMHO, the former is the better, because it's more consistent. You  
could name the packages like "Wine for Adobe applications" to avoid  
thousands of new packages. Also, "doesn't work" is a weak  
description, as non-working features might not be noticed by the user  
immediately. Third, it's likely tricky to replace Wine with a  
different version of Wine with the app already installed along other  
apps on a drive_c.

BTW, how would you interact between different Windows apps running on  
different versions of Wine?


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