Compiling dbghelp with MinGW

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sat Dec 13 04:34:01 CST 2008

When I compile Wine with MinGW, the first error I get is in 
dlls/dbghelp/source.c. Yet it seems to me that there is no fundamental 
reason that would prevent dbghelp from working on Windows (i.e. it's not 
in the 'ntdll' category).

So the error is that although MinGW does not have regex.h and 
HAVE_REGEX_H is not set, we still use regex_t in many places and call 
the corresponding functions: regcomp(), regexec() and regfree().

So how should we handle this?

 1) #ifdef-out regexp support if regex.h is missing? Maybe with 
    an autoconf check for regcomp()?
 2) Add some reg*() stubs that do nothing if regex.h & co are missing?
 3) Use some Windows API that provides regular expression support? Is 
    there one? Is it implemented already?
 4) Reimplement regular expression support straight in dbghelp? Maybe by 
    importing some c files from another project with a compatible 

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