wine-1.2 release criteria?

Pavel Troller patrol at
Mon Dec 15 11:24:18 CST 2008

>     * USB Support (iPod, etc.)
> No motion here, I think.
I see a big potential here. What makes me crazy, is to beg my colleagues
running windoze to
- flash my Nokia phone with a new firmware
- Program an EPROM in a progammer
- Use an SDR (Software Defined Radio) - a box with just a radio hardware
  without any classic controls, controlled entirely from a PC
- etc. etc...
All these things have a common denominator: proprietary USB drivers. It's fine
that wine can use USB scanners/cameras/printers etc, which can be interfaced
though native Linux drivers/libraries, but these are almost always usable
directly from Linux, while those proprietary devices aren't. Is there any 
chance that wine will progress in this area ? I'm ready to supply a bounty
for a volunteer making some progress here.

With regards, Pavel Troller

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