d3dxof: Add a test to dump an X object data (enabled when objects.txt and templates.txt are present) (try 2)

Christian Costa titan.costa at wanadoo.fr
Mon Dec 15 16:11:54 CST 2008

Hi Stefan,

Damned. You discovered all my secret activities. ;-)
More seriously, thanks for noticing that. :-)

There is some memory leakage issues remaining which cause some apps to 
run out of memory.
This is due to the lack of ref count handling between objects. Bug 16293 
deals with that.


That should be fixed soon.

Now I would like to thank you with all d3d guys for the work you've done 
so far. This is a big
piece of work. Even if I cannot enjoy all advanced shaders stuff with my 
poor G-Force 2 that
replaced my dead R300, I find a lot of improvement in that area.
Currently I'm very surprised how gaming has improved since 2 or 3 years. 
Almost all games I'm
playing currently install fine and run flawlessly apart from few small 
graphics glitches.
I thank all wine developers for making it possible.

That said I'm still waiting for playing Myst under Wine. ;-)

Keep up the good work ! :-)


Stefan Dösinger a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I just wanted to take the opportunity to draw some attention to Christian's
> great work on these higher-level DirectX libraries. I didn't really notice
> it until I accidentally ran some dx8 sdk samples with the builtin d3dxof and
> it just worked instead of complaining about lots of stubs.
> His whole work has been pretty silent, but I think Christian deserves lots
> of credits here. Good work!
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>> objects.txt and templates.txt are present) (try 2)
>> Fixed stdio include that broke make dep.

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