AppDB rating definitions, was: Re: Canonical and wine

M.Kiesel wine-devel at
Tue Dec 16 04:31:27 CST 2008

On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, Austin English wrote:

>> What about clarifying the wording on
>> ?
>> My suggestion for "Platinum":
>> "Application installs and runs flawlessly completely/at highest settings
>> 'out of the box'. No changes required in winecfg."
>> (add "completely/at highest settings")
> I think it's fine as is. Some games won't run at highest settings on
> Windows, due to crappy video card, etc.

Good point. I was thinking about games that run fine in Windows at highest 
settings but do not in Wine (on the same machine). What about 
"Application installs and runs just as it does in Windows, without 
<b>any</b> custom Wine tweaks or settings."?

There's still a 'loophole' with for example hardware that works fine in 
Windows but doesn't in *nix (ATI graphics cards...) but probably it's no 
good to add tons of fine print to that definition.

>> For "Gold":
>> "Application works completely/at highest settings flawlessly in the latest
>> Wine development release (no patches needed), possibly with DLL overrides,
>> other settings, or third party software."
>> (add same as above; add "latest Wine development release"; remove "*some*
>> DLL overrides)
> The ratings are done on a per version basis, so no need to stipulate
> the latest release. The patches and DLL comments I agree with.

"Application works just as it does in Windows with unpatched Wine, 
possibly with DLL overrides, other settings, or third party software."?

[Patched Wine versions and Gold rating]
> I see it quite a bit when approving programs in the AppDB (though I'm 
> not the one usually doing it, I only go through the queue when I'm on 
> the AppDB for other reasons). The main problem is when it get a 
> _platinum_ rating.

I agree. Still, I feel that Gold should mean "an average user should be 
able to get the game running completely", and while with winetricks etc. 
adding DLL overrides is no problem, patching/building Wine probably IS. 
Also this might be an incentive to get patches into Wine proper instead of 
leaving hacks in AppDB/Bugzilla ("Well, the game is gold now, no need to 
fix things further"). Not sure whether I'm realistic here though ;-).

>> I also suggest to hyperlink every mention of "Rating" in the browser with
>> that page. Otherwise it isn't completely clear (without searching) what the
>> individual ratings mean really.
>> Who has the rights to change AppDB on that level?
> I'll send a patch tomorrow. If you don't see a change within a few
> days, remind me.

Cool, thanks a lot!


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