Wine t-shirts?

Ismael Barros² razielmine at
Wed Dec 17 17:01:46 CST 2008

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 4:49 PM, Andrew Fenn <andrewfenn at> wrote:
> Thinking about me walking down the street again I have to say I prefer
> Remco's suggestion the best because it describes best what wine does.
> I like the idea of a witty shirt however the lines suggested requires
> that you already understand what wine and open source is about to get
> the joke.

Well, I personally tend to prefer T-shirts that not everybody
understands, but that cause some good laughs on the chosen ones that
do :P

We'll select one kind of T-shirt depending on the poll, but if the
store works find we should be able to offer alternative kinds of
design soon.

> Perhaps it would be best to have a combination of a funny picture, the
> project name, Remco's suggestion for the text and possibly the wine
> logo? Just my opinion, perhaps if you're doing voting you could make
> up some witty and non-witty shirts and see which people like the most.

I updated the poll ( )
with slogan options. I hope it still works for the ones who had
already voted (which should answer only the last question, not all

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