Another machine passing tests

Alasdair Sinclair alasdairs at
Wed Dec 17 18:43:20 CST 2008

Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> Hi Alasdair,
> Alasdair Sinclair wrote:
>>> Would you mind sharing what hardware that's on? You're using Fedora 10, right?
>> Sure, Its a Dell XPS1530 laptop (core 2 duo T8100), 4GB Ram, GeForce 
>> 8600M GT.
>> Running fedora 10 x86-64 (recently upgraded from 9) all latest patches 
>> applied, desktop is Gnome.
> do you have SELinux enabled? I figure no as the default F10 SELinux
> "breaks" Wine. Hmm ... you might have inherited the sane boolean setting
> from F9 and thus aren't affected.
Yes SELinux is enabled. I eventually managed to get it configured to allow wine to run. I think with something like the following.

$ setsebool -P allow_execmod 1
$ chcon -t execmem_exec_t /home/ams/wine/bin/wine-preloader

Which is a bit hackish, but seems to work, and it's possible there's settings I've forgotten about when I installed F9.

>> bye
>> 	michael

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