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>>>> Hi,
>>>> I just sent a bug-fix to wine-patches to prevent a crash in winecfg
>>>> when editing the volume serial number input field, together with some
>>>> unrelated thoughts about winecfg and the device/volume serial number
>>>> handling. Then I realized that wine-patches is not a good place for
>>>> discussion. So here are the ideas about winecfg's GUI:
>>> It doesn't make sense to me to rely on writing to a file to set the
>>> windows serial number or label. What about readonly disks?
>>> I think those values should be in the registry. Or at least check the
>>> registry should be a fallback if .windows-serial or .windows-label does
>>> not exist.
>>> I am stuck now because an installer program is looking for a CD of a
>>> certain label. I can't fudge in the label because it's a CD that I can't
>>> write to.
>>> Is anyone working on this issue, or agree/disagree? ... mo
>> The label of the CD is read from the disk.  If you're using a mounted
>> ISO, you have to fix the access rights of the loopback file
>> representing the ISO file.
> Yes, you are right. And this does work.
> In my system I am mounting a remote CD over samba and creating a drive
> letter for it in Wine. That's the disc that the installer wants to query. I
> was hoping to be able to set the label for the "network" drive to work
> around this issue. But the CD is read only so I can't write the file.
> So I am trying to do something tricky, that is probably not even possible in
> Windows. And I'll probably just have to my own internal Wine hack to get
> this to work.

I don't understand the problem.  If you have the proper permissions,
wine should be able to read the volume name and everything should just
work.  What does volname give you for the network-mounted image?

James Hawkins

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