Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Dec 18 21:50:09 CST 2008

faquir wrote:
> I want support out-of-process COM on a mobile phone platform base on Linux.
> Wine is perfect,but also is too big and too complex to run on the device.
> So,I' going to create a project named WCOM with some code(ole32 and
> rpcrt4) from wine

Say, how about making Wine configurable, like Embedded XP and Linux are?
We already have a configure script.
You could add a --tiny configure option to disable everything but the
tiniest core needed for embedded devices.

Avoiding a fork might be very good for you business-wise,
because it would mean less maintenance work for you.

Since Wine is LGPL, you are free to use it in commercial
projects as long as you follow the license's requirements.
Consult a lawyer for details.  See also
for a guide written by lawyers about how to conform to the GPL,
LGPL, and related licenses.

BTW, my take on things is:
The intent of the LGPL was something like "allow users
to fix bugs in the code", so in general you should not static link
Wine code directly into your apps, but rather leave Wine as
replaceable dynamic shared libraries.
You must provide the source for the Wine tree you use.
Ideally you'd also provide a way for users to build Wine themselves
and flash the device with their own improved versions of wine.
But I Am Not A Lawyer.
- Dan

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