Wine integration with native (Gtk, Qt, Cocoa/Carbon) themes

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Sat Dec 20 13:05:47 CST 2008

Reece Dunn-2 wrote:
> Thoughts? Ideas?

I'm just a user, not a dev, so forgive me if this sounds stupid, but it
seems to me like it would be simpler to just create some sort of layer that
forwards all calls to the Win32 theming API to Qt, and make Wine dependent
on Qt (perhaps as a GSoC project?). Qt bends over backwards to maintain a
native look and feel on all major platforms, including Windows, OS X,
KDE/X11, and GNOME/Xfce/BBQ/X11 (in 4.5), so Wine's codebase wouldn't have
to be overly complicated by hacks to support  each platform. This approach
would also have the benefit of rendering the QuartzDriver planned for Wine
1.2 completely unnecessary, if I'm not mistaken. Since Qt is maintained by a
ton of devs unrelated to the Wine project, this would also allow Wine to
ignore changes in this area specific to each platform, whereas with other
approaches I've seen in this thread Wine would have to constantly adapt to
each change and put in the work necessary to port the native theming to a
new platform; of course, Wine would still have to adapt to changes in the Qt
API, but that would be much more predictable and presumably less to deal
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