wine-1.2 release criteria?

Massimo Del Fedele max at
Sat Dec 20 22:04:35 CST 2008

Vitaly Lipatov ha scritto:
> В сообщении от 15 декабря 2008 Massimo Del Fedele написал(a):
> ...
>> I'm (slowly) going on with dib engine, I choose at first Jesse's one as
>> starting point because it had a source file structure I liked more.
> Please if you do something with DIB Engine, publish your git repository.
> We (Etersoft) do some tests and patches too, and I am wondering why do not 
> contact with our developer chi at
> ...

DIB engine is progressing a bit... solved the (I hope) last crash 
problem, now BitBlt works, but still unoptimized.
Fonts partially work too.
I can run Autocad with DIB engine and, even with slow bitblt and 
unoptimized font rendering, the speed gain on True Type font display is 
I' ve not published the git because I'm still changing some core stuffs, 
  and I want it useable and stable enough before publishing.
StretchBlt is still not done, and that's a must, IMHO.
When I'll get these stuffs ready :
    Optimized BitBlt
    Completed font rendering
    Clipping, maybe...
I'll publish the git.

A note : my DIB engine now includes both Jesse Allen's and Huw Davies 
ones, merged to take the best of both.
BTW, i'll finish it following this way, but I still think the best way 
would be to include it in wineX11.drv. Using the mixed driver approach, 
with different function pointers and physical devices depending on 
bitmap content is, imho, an ugly way to solve the problem.....



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