Help me to find function name from kernel32.dll

AlannY m at
Sun Dec 21 12:03:25 CST 2008

Hi there. I'm debugging some windows app in OllyDbg under Wine ;-) (funny?)

Now, I found this call in assembler:

call ebx

EBX is 7EE6BC23. So, instruction invokes some function in address
7EE6BC23. This address, as Olly shows belongs to kernel32.dll. I can
follow this address, and there are some code ;-) Everything right ;-)

But now, I want to get name of this function (kernel32.7EE6BC23) and
analyze it's C source code (as you know Wine is open source :P) ;) How
to? Or maybe it's impossible? Maybe some symbols must be loaded (and how?).


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