Marshalling of remotable handles

Michael Karcher wine at
Sun Dec 21 10:50:54 CST 2008

Hello Wine developers,

while trying to add proxy/stub code for shell32, I stumbled across the
definition of remotable handles in IDL.

We have

 - a RemotableHandle union.
 - the IDL typedefs for the wire representation of handles:
|    typedef [unique] RemotableHandle *wireHXXX;
 - the IDL declaration for the handle types itself:
|    typedef [wire_marshal(wireHXXX)] void*HXXX;

This makes widl generate null pointer checks for HWND parameters, as
HXXX is a void pointer without the unique attribute. My question is:
Should widl really add this check? As the type is marshalled as
wireHXXX, the null value is no problem for marshalling, so it could be
safely left out.

What I did in my repository was adding the [unique] attribute to the IDL
typedef of the handle type:
| typedef [unique, wire_marshal(wireHXXX)] void*HXXX;
Is this the right approach to generally get rid of the NULL pointer
checks for handles, or is widl to be fixed instead?

Best regards and thanks for advice,
  Michael Karcher

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