Windows version autodetection

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Sun Dec 21 17:27:00 CST 2008

On Sunday 21 December 2008 02:46:37 pm Scott Ritchie wrote:
> Right, but none of that would be necessary if the heuristic worked in
> the first place.  By having a good heuristic we could at least
> dramatically cut down on the apps needing this logic.

But how do you tell when an app needs the Windows version changed because it 
won't work in the default mode, and it's not just hiding a Wine bug? For 
example, Wine is buggy with some device drivers, which some games will load 
in XP mode. Set the Windows version to 98 (or Vista, or sometimes even 2k), 
and they may not, allowing the game to work. In such a case, you don't want 
to change the Windows version, you want to fix the bug.

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