winecfg: Disable nonfunctional advanced drive settings

M.Kiesel wine-devel at
Mon Dec 22 22:04:38 CST 2008

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008, Austin English wrote:

>> In the winecfg drive tab, advanced drive settings (setting label and serial)
>> seem to be broken currently due to other Wine bugs (see drive.c
>> apply_drive_changes comments). Disable these settings for now since this
>> only confuses users.
> Rather than disable it and cause more confusion when it does work,
> focus on fixing the actual bug instead.

Sorry, impossible for me. Sure fixing the underlying bug would be nice but 
I'm far from experienced enough with the Wine code for doing this (if this 
changes in future I'll happily revert that patch). I think fixing winecfg 
to show only options that actually do something is something worth doing 
though for the time being, especially for Wine users. Also, for PR it's 
not too good that of the few options winecfg actually offers several are 
just plain broken.

BTW I don't quite understand how the nonfunctional winecfg code showed up 
in the first place. Can I submit some "Perfect Windows compatibility" 
checkbox for winecfg and then tell the one trying to revert that to please 
just fix the underlying bug? :-)


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