how to create a broken .tlb file

Michael Karcher wine at
Tue Dec 23 01:26:46 CST 2008

Hello developers,

while debugging problems with and old version of Sonic Stage, I found
that sonic stage includes broken type libraries, i.e. the
TYPEFLAG_FDISPATCHABLE bit is generally missing. As widl (and probably
midl too) set this bit automatically, I have some problems in creating
a .tlb file for a test case for my one-line patch that also misses this
bit. There are some possibilities to get around the problem:
 a) Include a broken (hand-patched) tlb file as binary file in git
 b) Include a program that breaks tlb files and call it while
    building tests
 c) Include tlb file patching into the testcase (i.e. copy a good tlb,
    patch it, and perform some tests with the copy, than delete it)

Which approach would have the highest chance of getting the fix
(including the testcase that tests broken type libraries) included into

  Michael Karcher

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