DIB Engine

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Tue Dec 23 04:44:39 CST 2008

As my DIB engine is becoming usable (I already use it on Autocad for my 
job), I'm thinking to publish the patches.
As it's still not complete, I'm thinking to add a way to enable it on 
demand with registry and environment variable :

export WINEDIB=ON activates it
export WINEDIB=OFF deactivates it

if no environment variable, it checks a registry key (I'd like to have 
some suggestion on where to put it).
If no environment variable nor registry entry are present it'll be 
disabled (by now) as is for testing purposes.

How should I publish it ? A big unique patch, 2 patches, one with the 
(small) changes in gdi32 and another big one with the engine itself, or 
many small patches ?
Is it right to put on wine patches list ?



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