DIB Engine

Massimo Del Fedele max at veneto.com
Tue Dec 23 05:22:22 CST 2008

Roderick Colenbrander ha scritto:
>> As my DIB engine is becoming usable (I already use it on Autocad for my 
>> job), I'm thinking to publish the patches.
>> As it's still not complete, I'm thinking to add a way to enable it on 
>> demand with registry and environment variable :
>> export WINEDIB=ON activates it
>> export WINEDIB=OFF deactivates it
>> if no environment variable, it checks a registry key (I'd like to have 
>> some suggestion on where to put it).
>> If no environment variable nor registry entry are present it'll be 
>> disabled (by now) as is for testing purposes.
>> How should I publish it ? A big unique patch, 2 patches, one with the 
>> (small) changes in gdi32 and another big one with the engine itself, or 
>> many small patches ?
>> Is it right to put on wine patches list ?
>> Ciao
>> Max
> I would say a registry key is fine to turn it on/off but this is a minor detail. The most important thing is that the architecture is 100% correct. Implementing drawing functions in software isn't that hard but getting the design right is very, very hard. I would suggest to post a big patch for review or so. Not to discourage you but I fear that the design might still not be good.
> Roderick

Thanx for the answer.
I'll polish a bit the code and publish a big patch here.
BTW, I followed Jesse Allen's and Huw Davies way, as I was told it 
should be the right one...



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