[PATCH] Fix glReadPixels call from read_from_framebuffer (re-redux)

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Tue Dec 23 06:30:40 CST 2008

This patch looks good.

There's one last thing we should check: It seems that this is the only code
that uses GL_PACK_ROW_LENGTH and friends, so the backup and restore is
probably not needed. I think for now it is better to add it because I
suspect the code in surface_download_data most likely depends on the default
settings without properly controlling them.

There's some related driver bug on OSX too(no radar filed yet,
unfortunately). Using a PBO for glDrawPixels with a negative pixelzoom(wine
uses -1 for y) breaks at least on my radeon X1600 with MacOS 10.5.5. I
haven't yet tested it with 10.5.6, but if it is still broken there I have to
remember to file a bug. It is sort of a follow-up bug to a bug fixed in
10.5.5; Before that glPixelZoom and PixelPos were completely ignored with

This bug was on my todo list for a long time by the way. I wanted to fix it,
got distracted and forgot again :-/

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