[PATCH] Fix glReadPixels call from read_from_framebuffer (re-redux)

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Wed Dec 24 08:48:24 CST 2008

> Thanks for reviewing my patch (it sure makes the SHOGO menu much nicer)
> BTW do you know if I need to resubmit my other SHOGO patch ([PATCH] Fix
> ddraw surface version setting)?
Yes, I recommend to do that. It is likely that it was lost or didn't apply
any longer after the 3 days it waited in moderation.

You can see on source.winehq.org/git or with 'git log origin' if your patch
was applied. If it wasn't, it is best to send a mail to wine-devel asking
why, or ask Alexandre(nick 'julliard') on #winehackers. Quite often
Alexandre sends a reply if he doesn't like the patch(or someone else does),
but not always.

Alexandre usually wants a confirmation from someone who knows the area(in
the case of d3d Heri, Roderick or me) if a new contributor sends a patch,
hence my "the patch is ok" mails.

I don't know if Alexandre will apply patches over the holidays, so if the
patch is silently ignored it is best to resend it in a few days.

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