wine-1.2 release criteria?

Pavel Troller patrol at
Thu Dec 25 04:15:18 CST 2008

> ? ????????? ?? 15 ??????? 2008 Pavel Troller ???????(a):
> ...
> > All these things have a common denominator: proprietary USB drivers. It's
> > fine that wine can use USB scanners/cameras/printers etc, which can be
> > interfaced though native Linux drivers/libraries, but these are almost
> > always usable directly from Linux, while those proprietary devices aren't.
> > Is there any chance that wine will progress in this area ? I'm ready to
> > supply a bounty for a volunteer making some progress here.
> We (Etersoft) are realized USB support in wine via libusb and do many fixes in 
> ntoskrnl.exe to load and run proprietary drivers for protection keys (like 
> HASP).
> AS I know, this improvements is not acceptable by Alexandre.
> If anyone is interested to consult us to do our code more acceptable, you are 
> welcome.
  It sounds really very interesting! 
  Is your work accessible as a patch to the current wine tree, or as a git
branch somewhere ?
  I would like to test it with some of my apps (Nokia software, programmers
etc...) and give you a feedback, whether it works.
  Do you know, why Alexandre is not accepting your improvements ?

  With regards, Pavel Troller

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