Combining Fuse and Wine - What's the best way?

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Thu Dec 25 05:08:37 CST 2008

>   $ winegcc -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DFUSE_USE_VERSION=22 -lfuse -o main
> main.c
>   $ mkdir test
>   $ ./main test
>   fusermount: failed to open /etc/fuse.conf: Permission denied
>   fusermount: waitpid: No child processes
>   $ sudo umount test
Sorry, I've no idea. Probably fuse uses some sort of framework that expects
you to use it in a specific way like Wine does too, and collides with Wine.
I recommend you to ask this question on the Fuse mailing list too, probably
they can help out.

There's at least one potential problem if Fuse creates a process or thread
behind the application's back. In that case there is no Win32 process in
Wine for that process(because Wine has no idea about it). No problem if it
just runs Fuse's or your code, but if the Windows DLL code is called and it
calls GetCurrentProcess() or something similar you have a problem.

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