gdi32: Correct order of matrix elements in World transform

Konstantin Kondratyuk kondratyuk at
Thu Dec 25 08:40:18 CST 2008

Oops, this patch is not full.

I think, there is code with bad index also:

    /* Extra transformation specified by caller */
    if (lpmat && !is_identity_MAT2(lpmat))
        FT_Matrix extraMat;
        extraMat.xx = FT_FixedFromFIXED(lpmat->eM11);
        extraMat.xy = FT_FixedFromFIXED(lpmat->eM21);   // <<<<<<<
        extraMat.yx = FT_FixedFromFIXED(lpmat->eM12);   // <<<<<<<
        extraMat.yy = FT_FixedFromFIXED(lpmat->eM22);
        pFT_Matrix_Multiply(&extraMat, &transMat);
        pFT_Matrix_Multiply(&extraMat, &transMatUnrotated);
        needsTransform = TRUE;

What can I do? Send second fix? Or send "full" patch for both transformations?

Best regards,
Konstantin Kondratyuk.

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