oledlg: Implement OleUIAddVerbMenuA/W functions [resend]

Vitaly Lipatov lav at etersoft.ru
Thu Dec 25 08:41:08 CST 2008

В сообщении от 25 декабря 2008 Вы написали:
> You could start with testing for some special cases (such as NULL input
> parameters).
If I will add test case for NULL input and returned values, my commit will be 

> For me your comment looks suspicious:
>     -----
> 	+ * TODO
> 	+ *  Check if OLE object has no verbs

>     -----
> 	+    hr = IOleObject_EnumVerbs(lpOleObj, &pEnumVerbs);
> 	+    if (hr == S_OK) {
>   ----
> Will this hr be OLEOBJ_E_NOVERBS when no verbs present?
> If it's so you're actually checking for this.
> This one needs a testcase for example.
Please understand me. I did a part of work. Possible my implementation is 
incomplete. But I wish to share result of my work with the world, winehq 
community. I agree with test case argument with I fix already existing 
function. But I do a new realization and have no enough time and knowledge
to write ideal code. Also I can improve code only from winehq repository.
> Does native crash on it or not? I'm not sure.
> The same about SetLastError on failure - this should be checked by testing
> it directly.
I will try to add this tests.

Vitaly Lipatov, ALT Linux Team
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, www.etersoft.ru

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