Are OpenBSD bugs worth filing?

David Gerard dgerard at
Fri Dec 26 18:19:24 CST 2008

2008/12/26 Austin English <austinenglish at>:
> On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 2:16 PM, David Gerard <dgerard at> wrote:

>> Some of us on wine-users are trying to get Wine to install on OpenBSD.
>> First, of course, we need to get it to compile on OpenBSD ...
>> Are bugs on this platform considered valid reportable bugs? I couldn't
>> find any OpenBSD bugs on a quick search in Bugzilla.
>> State of things: it doesn't compile cleanly yet, and ./configure seems
>> to fail to recognise a lot of libs that are in fact present.

> File bugs on compiling issues, if you're sure they're bugs in wine and
> not bugs in OpenBSD.

When OpenBSD refuses to put up with a dodgy virtual machine, they
regard that as a feature rather than a bug ;-)

OpenBSD basically doesn't work properly in a lot of VMs because it is
serious about not letting programs misbehave in ways that could cause
insecurities. So stuff you can get away with on Windows and even Linux
breaks it.

> FWIW, I'm working on trying this, but installing it in VirtualBox
> gives segfaults galore. I'm going to try putting it on a spare HDD on
> bare metal and see if that works better.

In the case of VirtualBox, OpenBSD not working has been acknowledged
by the VirtualBox developers as "known bug, our emulation's imperfect,
no paying customers affected, go away." So don't expect it to work in
the foreseeable future unless you have a large Sun contract and they
ask why you went with VMware.

I'm currently playing with it in QEMU - don't try this with kqemu,
that's known to break OpenBSD too! - and reliably geting the ENOTSUP
compile-time error (which I'm about to file a bug on). I'll be getting
a spare dual AMD64 next week to try it on OpenBSD under 32-bit and

I looked in Bugzilla again and saw a few filed bugs ... I'll see if I
can reproduce the "abandoned" ones on current Wine tarballs. More to
come! %-D

- d.

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