Minimal patches to try win64?

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Dec 27 15:19:02 CST 2008

Out of curiosity, I finally bit the bullet, installed
64 bit Ubuntu 8.10, updated
to show how to build gcc, and built wine with win64
support enabled.

It built successfully on the first try, but starting
any conformance test or win64 app fails with
wineserver: request.c:744: open_master_socket: Assertion `sizeof(union
generic_request) == sizeof(struct request_max_size)' failed.

I tried grabbing the patch that seems to fix that,;h=6e77a4879d5e62a97775e5c1c225915e659d5dbf
but then I got other errors.

What's the minimal set of patches needed to start trying win64?
I'd rather not pull Maarten's whole repo, I have no idea
how closely that tracks winehq...
- Dan

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