Implementing dxdiag as student project?

Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Sun Dec 28 05:28:33 CST 2008

Chris Robinson <chris.kcat <at>> writes:

> I think such a thing could still be useful. It'll help figure out what kind of 
> info apps are getting from a given system, and help determine if problems are 
> app-specific or more general system/wine-related. It can also serve as a 
> basic interactive test bed for various DX functionality that even users can 
> run and look at, instead of being delegated to the wine test suite only. Plus 
> it can check DirectPlay and DirectSound (a couple other components prone to 
> errors), instead of just Direct3D/DirectDraw.

Wine needs a dxdiag.exe as some apps expect it to be present, like for example
GameShadow. I once gave it a shot already, see A builtin dxdiag.exe would 
aslo be nice addition to wine imo.  

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