wined3d: Do not treat oversized textures as failure

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Dec 28 09:53:44 CST 2008

This patch is wrong; You can't use oversized surfaces for 3D texturing
because the driver doesn't support the given size.

What is the texture size limit on your card, and what texture size does the
game try to use?

However, the oversize surface stuff is kinda hacky and poorly integrated. I
think we should remove it and implement proper sysmem->framebuffer blitting.
I used this oversized surface stuff to work around problems with swat 3's
(approx) 3500x32 surface which contains the letters it blits onto the main
menu. It was the wrong solution though, we should not create a GL texture
for sysmem surfaces and use glDrawPixels instead(or temp textures in opengl

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> Hi.
> Attached patch is enough to cure the failure in "Operation Flashpoint"
> when its menu is displayed on my little i945GM card.
> As the oversised case is (was) explicitely treated as a failure, I
> think there is some reasone for it. Does someone remember what it is
> for ?
> Regards,
> --
> Vincent Pelletier

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