xinput: Add stub XInputEnable

ricardo filipe ricardo_barbano at
Sun Dec 28 14:01:40 CST 2008

yup, the patches look good on a quick glance.

> Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 02:30:26 +0700
> From: andrewfenn at
> To: hverbeet at; wine-devel at; ricardo_barbano at
> Subject: Re: xinput: Add stub XInputEnable
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> Sorry guys, that was a really bad patch I submitted much better ones
> to wine-patches already.
> [1/2] xinput: Added prototypes to header file
> [2/2] xinput: Added stub for XInputEnable

>> 2008/12/28 ricardo filipe :
>> it's almost that. but it needs some changes.
>> first you put the prototypes after the defines and typedefs, they may be needed for the prototypes.
>> second you don't put variable names in the protypes, it should be something like:
> No, variable names are optional, but not forbidden. Usually it makesthings more readable to include them. 
> It's a bit awkward to write "XINPUT_STATE* pState" though, since the *is part of the declarator in C, not part of the base type.
i just meant you usually don't put the variable names, as we can see in most other headers in wine. but sure you are right ofc :)
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