wined3d: Do not treat oversized textures as failure

Vincent Pelletier plr.vincent at
Sun Dec 28 14:11:14 CST 2008

Le Sunday 28 December 2008 20:20:43 Vincent Pelletier, vous avez écrit :
> I discussed with Thunderbird on IRC right after sending last reply. I
> noticed that I was not using latest intel driver, so I'm building them atm
> to give it a try. (Debian sid is quite outdated these days, because of work
> on next stable, I even have to rebuild the kernel)

With 2.5.1 version:

I reverted the patch on my local tree, and the game works fine.
Maybe wine should warn for broken drivers when GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE is below 
1024 or something...

So after all, it seems to be a non-bug. My bad.

Vincent Pelletier

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